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About The Colored School

The Colored School is an online educational program geared to educate and support youth and families.  The program teaches the history of the African diaspora and African Americans, and many other topics and subjects.  All of the courses are geared to educate and empower young people through the knowledge of contributions of people of African descent.  The Colored School will target K-12 students and parents. Sessions can be one-time live webinars or multi-date classes. The Colored School plans to launch in late Feb 2022. Leaning on the period when ex-slaves wanted their kids educated but were limited to little to no resources and the schools were called "Colored Schools". In those unequipped schools was a ton of love and determination for the future of negros in America. These schools educated and prepared the first wave of HBCU students, especially in the deep south.

We are looking for educators that have an interest in teaching young people about the true history of the African diaspora, and the history of Black people in America.  Please email us at . You can also follow us on all our social media platforms.

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